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I went to a party once and everyone was supposed to pitch in some money to buy adderall. I had never tried or even heard of it but I was young and stupid so I gave them 20 bucks. Later on, after we all took it, everybody was going crazy and having a good time and I was just sitting on the couch quietly so I googled ‘adderall’ on my phone and learned that it’s used to treat ADHD.

I have ADHD.

I paid 20 dollars to calm down.

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i was looking at the scans of the 2015 annual and


this is literally the least surprising thing i’ve ever read


i never knew this

but somehow i knew this

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this is my favourite vine ever

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Imagine your OTP having sex in a public bathroom. As Person A starts to reach the climax, they hear someone walk in and person B covers Person A’s mouth to keep them from getting caught as the stranger uses the restroom.

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